Manufacturer used car programme

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Used car consultancy

Here at Gain Solutions we have so much practical experience and knowledge due to our position in the remarketing sector, so we are able to manage and operate an extremely effective manufacture approved used car programme. Our extensive experience in creating unique programmes provides us with the opportunity to work in conjunction with other key stakeholders such as warranty providers, marketing agencies etc.

We begin by creating a bespoke programme that is agreed on by the manufacturer. Following this the programme is introduced into the dealer network using a well trusted and effective launch schedule. We know that the pressures involved in new car retailing can often mean used cars are overlooked as a key profit centre within dealerships. We take it upon ourselves to put the focus and structure into the used car business to improve dealer profitability.

We employ a large team of consultants who effectively represent the manufacturer. For all of the programmes that we manage, our used car consultants take a 3-tier approach to supporting both the manufacturer and the dealer.

Tier 1 –

Our used car consultants begin by introducing the programme and ensuring the dealer fully understands it and is supportive and engaged. They then confirm that the agreed POS is displayed and that all vehicles are correctly presented. The consultant will also ensure the customer receives all the elements of the used car proposition.

Tier 2 –

Moving forward the used car consultants begin to assess business performance, including supporting the dealer with best industry practice. As well as using dealer accounts and composites to assess dealer processes and review performance. They will also create actions plans to provide mentoring and formal training where appropriate in that dealership.

Tier 3 –

The final stage for our used car consultants is the repatriation of manufacture used vehicles through the dealer network. An effective remarketing strategy is essential to ensure the manufacturer has control of the market value of its product. Our consultant teams are targeted and measured on their effectiveness to ensure dealers support the internal manufacturer teams, as well as the profitability of the used car business.

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