Managed Employee Resources

Gain Solutions can provide a Fixed Term or Temporary Contract Employment Service.

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Managed Employees

Due to current difficult economic pressures, both nationally and globally, we know it can be hard for companies to increase their employee head count or replace staff members. Therefore, we can help you out by providing a fixed term or temporary contract employment service. This service is useful in many ways but especially when temporary employees are required to cover for extended or maternity leave as well as for operating with specialist teams to achieve fiscal objectives.

Sales Performance Managers

We have years of experience in running manufacturers’ teams of approved used vehicle programme area managers. It provides a fully managed service including:

  • Establishment of clear aims and objectives
  • An employment process, including all stages. Search and selection to appointment to issuing contracts of employment to job descriptions.
  • Payroll services
  • Performance and revenue reporting
  • Joint performance appraisals

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