HGV Inspections now available in the UK

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One of the benefits of our recent takeover by DEKRA, is the opportunity to offer customers a wider array of added value services and already a few developments look like coming to fruition.

It’s still early stages into the integration process, we are still getting used to working together and how best co-ordinate our joint efforts, but initial discussions have opened some interesting opportunities.

One such area is the potential to use our vehicle inspection expertise and technology to offer inspections on returning heavy good vehicles.

DEKRA is already a global leader in vehicle inspections, inspecting around 26 million vehicles in 16 countries. And, using their knowledge, we’ll soon be offering visual inspections for HCVs in the UK and in time be able to conduct safety tests for trucks, special vehicle tests and inspection of hazardous goods vehicles.

We will be able to inspect a whole range of trucks offering inspections on the most basic older truck to the most modern HGV’s rigid trucks, tractor units, 7.5-tonne trucks & tippers, 8 wheelers, grab units and Hiab units.

Being fully mobile, we will be able to inspect any Rigid or HGV at the seller’s premises at a convenient time. And building on our advanced technology, be able to access full, detailed inspection reports from our expert inspectors via our secure server.

Our market leading handheld devices coupled with our bespoke software are based on the latest Android platform. With 4G and Wi-Fi, the devices can always be connected to the internet. They have a faster processor to enable our teams to work faster, be more efficient and reduce inspection times as they will not have to stop as often to charge or transfer information.

Our merged expertise should mean in the UK, HGV inspections will be one of the most comprehensive inspections available for any make or model of truck or HGV.

Get in touch if you want more information or want to try out our new service.

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