A Volume Vehicle Manufacturer

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The Problem

A volume vehicle manufacturer was facing continued rises in refurbishment costs for de-fleeted vehicles, also dealer complaints about repair standards and overall vehicle condition were rising.

The Solution

Working with our clients refurbishment agent, we undertook a detailed review of repair cost estimation and how that was applied. We reviewed repair methods, inspection and return standards. Once this review was complete, we were authorised by the client to act as their agent in managing the refurbishment process with third party refurbishment companies.

The Result

At the end of the first year of operation the benefits were:

  • A £500k saving in refurbishment costs.
  • Improved vehicle condition at the end of the refurbishment process resulting in a 70% reduction in dealer complaints.
  • Improved refurbishment process and associated efficiencies.
  • Effective audit trails
  • A spin off benefit to the refurbishment companies involved were less exposure to damage reclaims for transport which had been subcontracted out.

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