A Vehicle Manufacturer

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The Problem

We were recommended by an existing client to another vehicle manufacturer who was suffering rising costs of operating their Demonstration, Events and Press Fleets.  This client had already identified some areas of concern and accepted that others were likely to show themselves.

The solution

Once we were “Under the bonnet”, we agreed a process where we were authorised to act as agents for our client, appraising vehicles when they first arrived back on site from each booking and deciding what refurbishment work was required, prior to the next booking. Once in this role we were able to identify other areas of poor process which were resulting in costs to our client for which they were not liable.

The Results

The gross savings figures below were measured from the start point in the twelve months before our expertise was employed. 

Year 1 2 3 4 5
Savings £722,522 £802,359 £583,304 £892,845 £797,650


In addition to cost savings, vehicle turn around time was improved and when de-fleeted, the vehicle was in better condition.

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