A Regional Auction House

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The Problem

A regional auction house was being challenged by several leasing clients to improve the pre-auction inspection quality. They were also being asked to be flexible enough to cater for each of their different requests for recharge items. These leasing clients were recharging very little to the in-life users of these leased vehicles.

The Solution

We quickly identified that there was a need for improved vehicle inspections that were relevant to the age and mileage of the vehicle and that were to a consistent standard and backed up with images. Using our in-house developed inspection system (VIS), we first piloted for these leasing clients.  The results were so good that we were employed to inspect all these vehicles.  Our sophisticated inspection system, allows for accurate parts pricing at the point of inspection, high quality images to backup damage charges and for the client to choose which items he or she wishes to recharge, before emailing this amended version of the inspection, directly from our inspection results website.

The Results

The results of our expertise were an increase in recharges, without high levels of objection from the users of these vehicles. The recharge amount for the leasing clients averaged £215 per vehicle.

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