BLOG – Our problem-solving approach adds value to our customers

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Our problem-solving approach adds value to our customers

At Gain Solutions we pride ourselves in being able to provide added value services to customers. So when a business needs us to provide a solution to a problem they are experiencing we are quick to lend a hand.

Back in November last year, we had a national sales company struggling with space for the volume of vehicles they had to control. They needed an overflow storage compound to hold vehicles as well as to coordinate vehicle logistics and distribution. As is normally the case, they needed a time critical solution.

They had location but couldn’t manage the site or the process and ideally wanted a third party to handle the site and liaise and communicate with dealers, the company and other partners.

Once the project was confirmed we were quick to get the site up and running and were able to demonstrate our flexibility and agility.

As a result of getting the pilot project off the ground so quickly, the contract has been extended to run for three years and we anticipate processing around 30,000 vehicles per year.

Additionally, two of our in-house developers were able to create a bespoke online system built around the client’s specific needs. The online system can be modified quickly to provide a similar service to any other client who needs it.

This project was something completed different to what we normally do but it is one that has showcased our services and bespoke client management service.

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