BLOG – No matter your business size, you can benefit from our inspect and collect service

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No matter your business size, you can benefit from our inspect and collect service

We want to make sure that you can pass the stress of inspecting vehicles onto us to allow you to focus on all the other more important aspects of your business. With the recent challenges in the remarketing sector, businesses are looking for ways to minimise their downtime during the remarketing phase.

That’s where we come in… we have spent years observing how others have created their inspect and collect systems and built on their efforts to get what we have today.

Quality and accurate vehicle inspections, as well as a rapid collection of vehicles, can reduce ‘days to sale’ and our service is one of the best in the industry to help you achieve this. We have fully trained inspectors who know exactly what to look for on all types of vehicles. These inspectors also spend as much time as necessary inspecting each vehicle to ensure the inspection is completed to the highest possible standard.

The quality of our inspection reports is a key factor which sets us apart from our competitors, a detailed report from our expert inspectors is exactly what you need to ensure you know everything possible about each and every vehicle.

However, compared to our competitors one of our biggest advantages is our service flexibility to cope with varying demands and volumes. We are able to scale up the service to cope with larger volumes during busy periods. So whatever your size, we can handle it. Of course, we ensure our high-quality service remains exactly the same during busier periods and with larger volumes.

While many companies may have similar services, we provide the most bespoke service out there. The attention to detail we give is second to none with our customer satisfaction being at the forefront of this entire service.

Our customers know they can rely on us to complete this aspect of the remarketing process for them and even be able to configure the entire system to their own clients’ individual pricing structures.

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