BLOG – Could our brand new handheld devices help you improve your inspection service?

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Could our brand new handheld devices help you improve your inspection service?

Our new Conker handheld devices will be used to help further develop our Vehicle Inspection which helps you improve the service you can give, to your customers.

The new handhelds are based on the conker ST5 5” Android device and showcase some great features which are a huge step up from our previous version. The conker is future-proof and using the latest Android platform, it has 4G and W-FI allowing the device to be connected to the internet at all times. It also has a faster processor than ever before which will enable our teams to work faster, be more efficient and reduce inspection times of each vehicle.

This new device has an 8 MegaPixel rear-facing camera with AutoFocus and LED flash which will enable higher res images of vehicles so customers can view top quality pictures. This handheld is more advanced than any previous handheld we have used and will provide us with even better features in the future. At some point soon we will be able to annotate pictures taken of vehicles which we can then load straight onto our report system for the customer to see.

The conker device is far more durable and robust than previous handhelds, it is weatherproof and much less likely to break if dropped as the screen being made of toughened glass. Another great feature is the longer battery life and larger memory that this device includes, again allowing inspection teams to work more efficiently and not have to stop as often to charge or transfer information.

This new handheld device is one of the best out there and will help form an even better shell for our already well established and successful inspection system. Our software will be loaded onto each device so that the service to you remains the same as it always has been, but with some added benefits!

Due to our partners seeing increased volumes in recent years we are hopeful that this trend will continue. This means our job is to help meet the demand for inspections with consistently great products and services.

We can’t wait for you all to start using the new Conker devices, we genuinely believe this device will help you improve your inspection service moving forward.

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