BLOG – A day in the life of a Gain Solutions vehicle inspector

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BLOG – A day in the life of a Gain Solutions vehicle inspector

Darren –

I’ve worked in various roles in the automotive industry throughout my life since leaving school. I’m a qualified mechanic as well as having worked in parts departments and as a service advisor. I’ve now been with Gain Solutions as an inspector for 18 months and I think my background gives me a good advantage in this job as I know vehicles and the industry extremely well.

As an offsite inspector, I tend to be travelling around the country a fair bit to inspect customers vehicles. This does mean my days are varied, no two days are generally the same. If my appointments are local I can complete between 15-20 inspections a day.

However, if my appointments are further afield I may only get one or two done that day. There are occasions I’m up at 5 am to fly to Scotland for an inspection or to drive 200 miles to reach a customer. Generally, it takes me around 20-30 minutes per inspection.

The new conker handheld inspection devices have reduced the time taken to inspect cars and I’ve found they are a lot better than the previous devices we’ve used, they are far more reliable and responsive and have a much better battery life.

When inspecting different types of vehicles, I think you can see there is a slight difference between a leased car and a rental car. Rental cars often have just minor scrapes and scratches however, people do try to cover these up with dirt or hide interior damage with mats. It’s important for me to always know what I’m looking for to avoid missing things like this.

Occasionally, I inspect LCVs and these tend to have been thrown around a lot more and therefore show more damage. For me, it usually takes around 45 minutes to inspect an LCV and the damage can be a lot great from missing spare wheels, broken lights to bumpers hanging off. I’ve seen some pretty bad vans.

The only thing that I see as a challenge in this job is the weather! Especially in this country, when it’s usually pouring down and cold, but we still have inspections to do. I try to do them as best as I can in bad weather and you can sometimes miss small chips and scratches but these are easily picked up when the vehicle goes back to the depot.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the job, it gives me so many opportunities to travel and visit places I’ve never been to before. Plus, when you like cars as much as I do, looking at cars all day every day isn’t a bad job!

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