BLOG – A day in the life of a Gain Solutions vehicle inspector

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BLOG – A day in the life of a Gain Solutions vehicle inspector

Mick – 

I’ve worked at Gain Solutions for five years now but have been in the motor industry most of my life, well over 20 years.

If I’m working onsite, my day will tend to follow more of a routine than when I’m working away from the office. We tend to process up to 25 cars and vans as day – inspecting and prepping then for remarketing. Each vehicle takes on average 15-20 minutes to inspect a car, though it will be longer for vans.

There is no typical day in my job when I’m working offsite, apart from the fact that I travel somewhere different most days to inspect vehicles. My day can be spent anywhere in the UK, wherever the client is, that’s where I travel.

When travelling, my day starts the night before when I receive my diary for the following day, this tells me where in the country I need to be and how many inspections I have booked in. Some days that means getting up at 6 am to drive 200 miles for one inspection and others it can mean leaving at 10 am for local inspections and on a good day I can complete 7 or 8 inspections.

We carry out inspections on our new conker handheld units, which have helped speed up the inspection process over the last few months. Using a step by step system, they guide me through an inspection making sure everything is completed in the right order. As a result inspections tend to be much more consistent and we’re less likely to miss things. The devices also allow us to go back and add things manually so changes that need to be made later in the inspection can be easily processed. As all the information is backed up to our servers at the office, we’re also less likely to lose data.

Inspection criteria vary depending on the client but I know from past experience they are carried out to a very high standard. For example, at an appointment with a leasing company you might only be inspecting for damage, such as dents, scuffed bumpers, damaged wheels etc. Rental cars tend to have less major damage as they tend to be used for short periods of time. In this instance it’s important to be able to differentiate between genuine damage and general wear and tear.

The biggest challenge in this job is the travelling involved, a lot of travel around the country often also means a lot of traffic… if there was no traffic it would be a much easier job! But I do get to travel around some beautiful parts of the country, which makes the job very satisfying.

I absolutely love my job as an inspector at Gain Solutions, I enjoy every aspect of the role although I particularly enjoy the freedom it gives me. I’m able to get on with my job every day and as long as I’m doing the best I can for the customer I’m trusted to get on with the tasks at hand.

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