Vehicle Refurbishment Control

Gain Solutions Refurbishment Control Process provides a substantial return for both live and de-fleeted vehicles for manufacturers’ Fleets and Independent Fleet Operators

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Proven Benefits include

  • Reduction and or elimination of un-necessary and repetitive repairs
  • Reduced costs Increased by the Introduction of cutting edge smart repair methods
  • Greater control of total vehicle life repair costs
  • Capture and redirection of repairs costs which are not the clients responsibility – these include site damage, poor previous repairs, transport damage
  • Improved quality of repair
  • Improved quality of overall vehicle condition, when Gain Solutions manages live demonstration and press fleet repairs
  • Reduced time from De-Fleet to Available for Sale

Actual Client Savings

Actual Average Client Gross Savings over 5 years:

For Refurbishment  = £97.56 Per Booking

Third Party Recovery  = £ 4.65 Per Booking (Re-Charged at 50% of actual Gross Saving)

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