Vehicle Inspection

It is often thought that a vehicle inspection is something that is carried out at the end of a process. At Gain Solutions we believe that a thorough vehicle inspection should mark the start of the refurbishment process!

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The Vehicle Inspection Process

Every vehicle inspection that Gain Solutions carry out is aimed at minimising refurbishment time and cost.

Gain Solutions’ goal is to maximise saleability, next loan satisfaction and turn round time -this prompts us to ask:

“To whom should each cost belong”?

We separate out accident damage and abuse based on criteria that are bespoke to each client’s requirements, which allows for more effective and less contentious recharging.

Gain Solutions process recommendations are offered as an inclusive part of our service, many of which have resulted in cost reduction or income improvement for our clients, which range from a few thousand pounds to over £600,000.

Gain Solutions manage the whole process of refurbishment, ensuring that the time a vehicle spends in this process to be kept to a minimum with the aim of reducing the time from De-fleet to available for Sale

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